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One block is a Minecraft mode in which, the player is given a void world but there is “one block”, the player has to survive on that single block, which when you break it’ll generate a new block, maybe the same or may different.

How to play One block survival mode?
Well, one block survival is simple and easy, every time you break the block, it’ll generate a new block, and you’ve to keep breaking the blocks and collect them, the just expand your area and make a living area, craft some survival things and all.

Is it available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition/Pocket Edition?
Yes, it is available for Pocket Edition also and you can play in ant Bedrock Edition device of Minecraft, the whole process will be the same and, you’ve to just keep breaking the blocks.

How to download this mode in MCPE?
Hm, you want to download this Minecraft one block mode, alright, here I am providing you a mcpack file in the download link given below, just click on that and you’ll be redirected to the adfly ad website, just wait there for 5 seconds and then click on skip ad button, then your downloading will begin. And you can play this in any Bedrock Edition of Minecraft like ( Pocket Edition, Windows 10 edition, and even in the Minecraft for consoles like XBOX and Play Stations.
Important thing: I am not the owner of this Minecraft mod, and I even don’t know actually that who is the actual creator of this, whenever I got to know his name, I’ll give him all credits here on my website, till then you can download this play in your device and even with your friends.
You have to wait 20 seconds.

Download Link

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