How to download Adventure Craft in Minecraft

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Adventure Craft

It is a modded Minecraft Survival series with lot’s of new things added to this world.
Play solo or with friends (multiplayer) in hard difficulty and fight with ‘Minotaur’ and so many new hostile dangerous mobs.
There are so many new biomes, new mods, new structures, new story, new mobs and even so many things are new here.
Download all the files and watch the above video for complete installation process

yStructures: Download

yFantasy: Download

Loot Tastic: Download

Realight: Download

Tree Falling: Download

More Recipes: Download

Ore Food: Download

Dragon Addon(Behaviour Pack): Download

Dragon Addon(Resource Pack): Download

More Ores: Download

CrazyCraft (Resource Pack): Download

CrazyCraft(Behaviour Pack): Download

Download this modded survival in you Minecraft Bedrock edition, and play with your friends have fun and one more thing share this page to others too, so that they can also enjoy the new adventure craft in their device.

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    Thank you utk bro for these links <3

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    Magic bp is not downloading

  3. Unknown

    Bro saare addon nehi he

  4. Nero

    Bro pls add peagsus mod in which you can get different colors of peagsus and hippocami and pls make the dragon use the element which it is of for eg. Make the fire dragon breathe fire

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