How to instantly switch to TPP and FPP in MCPE

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How to go to third person to first person in mcpe in just one click?


Well I use a third party keyboard application to switch to third person to first person in just one click without any addon or resource pack, it’s easy yo use and easy to setup for your game and it requires one time setup only.

There are some steps how you can do that ?

  • First of all you’ve to download an app from the link given below (it is not available in Google Play Store, so just download from the link given below.
  • After the downloading, open the app, and it’ll ask for some permissions just Grant them all (Click Allow)
  • After granting the permissions, you’ve to setup the keyboard in your “Language and Input” in your phone settings.
  • Now click on “Custom and Test” button to save your button input.
  • Add a button and in the output slot, select F5 button (for instant switch to prospective view)

(If you want to instantly hide your HUD in your game with just a button, keep following)

  • Add a button and in the output slot, select F1 button (for instantly hide your HUD in the game)
ORZX Keyboard


A third party keyboard app which actually works with “overlay on other window” feature. This keyboard creates a virtual key on your screen which can be function by you during set-up.
ORZX Keyboard is not available on Google Play Store, you can only download this from the link below.


If you need a video tutorial too for this, let me know your comments on that here.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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    Bro make a crackpack3 mod in pe

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    Can i use my keyboard while using this

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    How to download the older version of your yt client

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