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Recently,  Minecraft has just been partnered with NVIDIA to bring Ray Tracing to the game for the real-life gaming experience, which is actually rolling out in Minecraft Beta version of Bedrock Edition.

In this article, you will read that “How can you roll into Minecraft Beta and have the experience of RTX in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition? or you can say How to install Minecraft RTX?”
First of all, it’s very important to tell you all that it’s only available in the Beta version of Bedrock Edition, most of the people may ask for Java Edition but in Java edition, you can use RTX shaders to have the experience, in Bedrock Edition, you can just play in Beta versions and hence you can not play with RTX in Realms and Servers by now, but later on when there will be the stable update then you can enjoy the RTX in your realms and servers.
RTX is a very powerful engine that boosts the graphics in your game and it brings Ray Tracing to the game which is too awesome. But you have to keep in mind that You can’t run any Ray Tracing game in GTX Graphics card, you have to upgrade your GPU from GTX to RTX which is more powerful.
Now you must be thinking, When does Minecraft RTX come out?
Well Minecraft RTX update is there in Bedrock Edition Beta 1.16.0 if you want to play Minecraft RTX in your pc, just download the Minecraft Beta version (Latest) and hit to Game settings > Video > Turn ON RTX feature. This is how you can download Minecraft RTX.
If you are thinking to buy a new graphic card, I recommend you go with INNO3D NVIDIA RTX 2060 here are some Screenshots of the Minecraft RTX with the graphic card that I mentioned.
See some Screenshots here:
These are some screenshots of Minecraft with RTX in Bedrock Edition, let me know, which screenshot do you like the most? I love them all. This is amazing.
I hope you enjoyed this article if you do give it a share with your friends, let them know about Minecraft’s new graphics with NVIDIA RTX Graphic Card.

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