How to record professional timelapse in Minecraft

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Wrecording timelapse is not that easy in Minecraft, but in this article, I am going to tell you how to record your building timelapse in your Minecraft World just like I do in my videos.

Easy ways to record timelaps video in Minecraft pe.

Follow the steps to record a professional Timelapse in Minecraft…
  • You’ll need two devices in which you can play Minecraft with your both accounts at the same time.
  • Get your first account and login to Minecraft world (Don’t forget to turn on multiplayer for Friends)
  • Now get your second account and join the same world in which your first account is already in. ( Want to know how to do that ? ) Click Here
  • With one account, just keep playing in your world or do whatever you have to record. Like: build anything or explore.
  • And now here come the main part, use of your second account, hide HUD from settings, set FOV to 45-50 (accordingly) and take a position from where you’re going to record your timelapse.
  • Open your recorder and start recording ( if you play in “Pocket Edition” (android) you can use ADV Screen Recorder which is available on Google Play Store, or download any third party app from Google.
  • Now in time when your second account is recording, keep playing or build your build with your first account.
  • Complete your build and then stop the recording in your first device.
  • Now comes editing part, use any video editor, here I recommend you to use Kinemaster Video editor application which is available on Google Play Store.
  • Edit your video however you like, when it’s turn of build video, use Speed-X feature and speedup your video to 16x times faster.
  • Now export your video in high resolution, and then your video is ready to publish on YouTube and or any other video platform.

There are many ways to record your timelaps in Minecraft or any other similar game, there are some paid Softwares and applications out there on the internet, where you can easily find several ways to record a professional timelaps video.

And, if we talk about the editing application or software, you can go with any free or paid software to edit your videos but remember it should have speed up feature in it to speed up your timelaps which even looks better.