Vanilla Tweaks – one player sleep addon MCPE

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Vanilla Tweaks MCPE

This addon allows you to modify or enhance your vanilla Minecraft survival experience without making too many changes. Like two shellker shells, multiplayer sleep, and more for every player.
  • One Player Multiplayer Sleeping System (No command Blocks Required it’s in code)
  • Shulkers always drop 2 shulker shells
  • The size of Totem of undying and Shield is reduced to cover the wider screen. 
  • When you dye a Leather armour with any colour, it will give you a clear dyed leather armour (looks great)
  • A clear view when put-on carved pumpkin 
How to Download?
There is a download link below, click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the MCPEDL website, where you’ll get the file download link.



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