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MCPE Fishing Block is a survival world, where you have to survive by just doing fishing. This is not like an ordinary survival world, this is a void world with a small iland with a water block and an oak tree, and you’ll be given a fishing rod and five pieces of bread.

How to play?

As written above that, this is a void world with an iland containing a tree and a block of water. Here you will be given a fishing rod which is the most essential thing in this world as if you accidentally lost your fishing rod in the beginning, you have to start this world again from the beginning.

All you have to do is just keep fishing and collect the resources from fishing, and from those resources, you have to survive.

One more thing you have to avoid a bath in the rain as there will not be the ordinary rain there will be the Acid Rain ( which can kill you if you took a shower)

And one more thing, this is a Hard game, there will be only one heart with you to survive, so keep attention during the gameplay.

How to Download?

Well, an ad-free download link is given below to download this world and start a new journey. The link is generated with Mediafire. It’s a direct download link, so feel free to download. 

If you are getting any trouble in downloading, let us know here. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible, and you can also comment below to ask you any query and or suggestion.

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