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How someone joins Bond SMP?
Bond SMP is an Indian Minecraft Realm where some of the Indian Minecraft Youtubers play all together with the unity and do fun all together and many more. Currently, there are 16 members in Bond SMP Season 2 (May 2020).
Here in this article, you will read what are some requirements to join a season of Bond SMP.

Well, as you know that, Bond SMP is getting popular day by day, so the requirements to join Bond SMP will be so tough to follow (but it’s not impossible), So here are some requirements below to join Bond.
  • You should have a youtube channel with the right amount of subscribers.
  • Your youtube channel must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. (LOL just kidding)
  • Your channel must have Minecraft content.
  • You should have complete knowledge about the game Minecraft.
  • You should have experience of playing in other SMPs.
  • There should be a significant project of yours which should differentiate you from others, (like, you have to start a project related to Minecraft, which should not be copied and it should be yours original, and the project should be on a large scale)
  • The above requirement is the most important in all.
  • You should be a regular video uploader, your channel analytics will also be checked during joining.
  • And the most important thing to remember that, if you follow all the points above and if a single Bond Member doesn’t want you to join Bond, you can not join. That means you can join Bond SMP only then when all the Bond members agree.
If you meet all the requirements, then only you can get a chance to join Bond.
But remember one thing, there will be so many people who will meet all the requirements, but not all can join Bond. We only send an invitation to the most relevant person to join Bond.

Best of Luck All!👍

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  1. Kunal

    Bhai in sab me se sab hai bas minecraft ka paid version aur smp ka experience nahi please help

  2. Anonymous

    Bhai pakistani hun aa sakta hun kia 510 subscribers han channel ka. Naam gaming zone by mohsin ha reply me

  3. Unknown

    can i build a structure in tlauncher mineraft java edition please tell

  4. Unknown

    Bhai mere pass sab hai content daily ata hai Bhai mai hard kam karta hoon smp ko join karne ke liye Bhai mera channel ka naam Iman kawchali plss bhai take me big fan bro mein aap ke jitna famous hona hai plss bro bond season 2 Mein le Lona bhai kya aap mujhe private message 2 min ke liye bond ka IP address port name plsssss Serena🥺🥺🥺

  5. Unknown

    Bhai mera YouTube channel hai aur muze minecraft ki purijankari hai me videos bhi upload kartahu kay me join kar sakathu

  6. Anonymous

    Daily videos uplaods having youtuber
    I will follow instructions please take me bhai

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