Magnification MCPE, Zooming Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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Magnification Zooming Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
Magnification is an addon for players who love to use Optifine zooming feature in Minecraft Java Edition and want to use it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition too. Don’t worry I have brought a new and nearly same zooming function/feature addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players.
This is Magnification Addon but it does not work as Optifine for Minecraft Pocket Editon MCPE, but you can also use it with other Optifine shaders too made for Minecraft PE.
without Magnification
before Magnification
after Magnification
after Magnification
How to use Magnification addon?
To use the feature in the game first, apply this addon to your world in Behaviour Packs of your world setting, then join your world but if you press C in Minecraft W10 account it won’t work, so to use this feature just hold a stick in your hand and then crouch/sneak, you’ll see the field of view of your will be decreased to a certain angle, and hence it works.
How to Download Magnification Addon?
Below download button is a direct download link generated from Google Drive, just wait some time and click the below download button.
You have to wait 30 seconds.

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