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YT Client version 8 is here – Click to view

YT Client v7


Changelog v7:
  • Directional Hoppers
  • Clean Redstone Dust
  • Borderless Stained Glass
  • Quick Crafting
  • Numbered Hotbar
  • Removed White Touch Circle
  • Smaller Shield and totems
  • Rounded Moon and Sun
  • Clearer Rain
  • No Buttons
  • Dark Mode
  • New Elytra Texture
  • Subpack to enable buttons
  • New Textures of Bows and Crossbows and Tridents
  • HeartBar (optional in subpacks)
  • Food Info
  • Enchantments Info and Colours
  • Removed Help button from inventory
  • Fancy Clouds
  • Fancy Helmets
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Some useful resource packs in just one pack and that named to be YT Client version 6.
This Resource Pack is for Minecraft YouTubers specially for mobile gamers this includes some useful resource pack changes to make the game look interesting and smooth as well.
1. Total Dark Mode

It activates dark theme to your game, which is actually pretty cool to play with, and it also looks good to viewers as well.
You can activate this pack as a Global Resource to get complete Dark GUI in your game, and also you can use it in a particular Minecraft world to keep in the world only.
Here are some screenshots of the Dark theme in MCPE





It works in your in-game pretty good without any lag, so you can record your Youtube videos with this YouTubers Pack and feel the Dark theme with the game.
2. No buttons for MCPE Gamers
All kinds of buttons are removed from the screen as buttons cover most the screen which doesn’t give a better look to the viewers.
All buttons including the Navigation Buttons, Jump Button, Crouch Button, Pause Game Button, Chat Button, Fly Up and Fly Down Button and Emote button in Minecraft 1.16

YT Client version 8 is here – Click to view

3. Removed Touch Circle for MCPE Gamers
Circle touch in MCPE was so annoying thing in the game, so I removed that too :-[]
Kinda funny but it really looks so good and gives you clear screen, you can record your gameplay with so clean interface of your game and believe me viewers are gonna love that.
4. Clear Leather Armour

Again useful pack that removes the brown lether strips from Lether Dyed Armour, now you can also wear different coloured lether armour without brown strips in that.
5. Directional Hoppers and Observers

Now get Hopper Indications in on the Hopper, that indicates that which Hopper is connected to which hopper. And also shows that which Hopper is activated by the redstone.
6. Clear Redstone Dust

Clearer Redstone Dust and redstone strip, which is again very useful thing in the pack for better view of redstone works.
7. Removed Scaffolding’s top

Scaffolding’s top is removed to make it look logical to use.
8. Borderless Stained Glass

Clean and Clear stained Glass for awesome look with removed border like Optifine in Java Edition.
9. Quick Crafting

Quick Crafting for mobile users to craft all at once in just one click.
10. Small Totem and Shield

YT Client version 8 is here – Click to view

Totem of undying and Shields will not cover your entire screen now as they are now small and the shield has now creeper fave on the front.
11. New Elytrta Texture

New Elytra Texture, can not work with capes.
12. New Tools Textures

New Tools and Weapons texture of Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite Tools and Weapons.
13. Heart Bar

New Heart Bar on the Players’ Head will now tell you the current health of the players, and you can see yours in third person. works in all multiplayer servers and realms.
13. Rainbow XP Bar and XP Orb

Rainbow XP Bar gives you a cool look to your game if you make videos for YouTube and one more thing the XP orbs are also colorful, you must check this out in your game.

Supported Versions:

You’ll definitely get positive feedback from your viewers if you use this pack in your videos.
Don’t forget to leave a review in the comments below, and some suggestions to add more things to this pack.

YT Client version 8 is here – Click to view

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