Top 5 MCPE Seeds for Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs

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In Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, there are so many new things that come up. which also includes some new biomes in the Nether dimension that may or may not be helpful for you to play with. Here in this article, I will be telling you the top 5 seeds of Minecraft Bedrock Edition to start a new survival series.

   No.5    -492199258This seed will begin with the Woodland Mansion at the spawn and moving to the positive direction of the X and Z axis you will find a village, a Witch Hut, and a Stronghold all at one place.Use this seed before creating your world and then you are good to go. Tags: woodland mansion at the spawn point, mcpe 1.17 seed for easy survival, top Minecraft seed for the village.   No.4    1234569Using this seed while generating your new world, you will spawn in a village that will help you in gathering some resources at the beginning of your new world. Also at this coordinate in this seed -1300 44 1200, there is an Ocean Monument and a Stronghold right next to each other, (a broken seed), also there is a Shipwreck below the ocean monument which is an awesome thing too.   No.3    1573577239This seed of Minecraft Bedrock Edition will spawn in a cursed jungle biome and half plains and half jungle village, with a Pillager Outpost right next to each other. also, there is a huge massive bamboo Biome where you are going to spawn, this seed is crazy.   No.2     -715926023In this seed of  Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you will spawn in an Iceberg Biome but but but, not only that, if you go to this coordinate 662  64  622, there are two ravines intersecting each other with a village up on there at level 64 on Y-axis, wait there is more, if you explore ravine, you will see a wall of mossy cobblestone, which when you dig there will take you directly to the stronghold, which makes your survival easy and fast.   No.1    -2073726012This is the best seed of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for your 1.17 world, as this seed contains all the Biomes right next to each other. and I will not spoil everything about this seed you should check it yourself as this seed will definitely blow your mind.Must try this seed to start your new world.    

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