Bicubic Shader v3.0 for MCPE Download Latest

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Bicubic Shader for Minecraft Bedrock Edition works in all versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE), Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, currently this shader is under development with it’s new Beta v3.0 but you can download the stable version with best performance for your device whether it’s a mobile phone or Windows 10.

Here are some screenshots of this shader, you can see and judge yourself if you should download this or not?

Bicubic Shader download mcpe utkgamer




All the screenshots were taken from the mobile phone, so you can freely use this shader in your device and it also works with low end devices so you can say that this is the perfect shader for low end devices for minecraft bedrock edition.
Download Bicubic Shader v3.0
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  1. Unknown

    It is very good shader i love it uv corip is best

  2. Anonymous

    Great shader for low end devices!!

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