FOV Changer for Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Optifine Zoom

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 FOV Changer is the open source software made by XroixHD for the fair use of Optifine Zoom feature in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This will only work in Minecraft Windows 10 edition, if you don’t have that buy here

You must have seen some youtubers using Optifine zoom feature in Minecraft Java Edition, with this free software you can do the same in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. And not only that you can also customise the sensitivity, hide hand, Zoom FOV and even the key to make this feature work.


  • Zoom via Hotkey

    • FOV
    • Hide Hand
    • Sensitivity
  • Discord Rich Presence

    • Connected server
    • Port (if not 19132)

I am unable to provide you the video tutorial on the moment, so here is the downloading link below to download the software.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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