Minecraft Hardcore in MCPE/Bedrock Edition

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Ever wanted to play Minecraft Hardcore in your Pocket Edition? Don’t worry here I brought a Hardcore addon for your MCPE which is actually multiplayer supported and you can also use this addon in your multiplayer server and can play Hardcore with your friends too.

How to getting start with the Hardcore addon for your world?

You just need to do some few steps before starting your series, which are very important before you start playing with this addon.


Step 1: Download the addon from the link given below.


Step 2: It’s an mcaddon file so you just have to open the file and it will automatically installed in your game.


Step 3: Now activate the both Resource Pack and Behavior Pack in your world settings.






Now before you create the world you have to do something really important which is under your game settings scroll down to the Cheats section and enable the Education Edition option which will allow you to fly in the spectator mode after you died in the hardcore in mcpe.


This is the end screen will be shown to you when you get die in your hardcore, which actually looks a like Minecraft Java Edition original Hardcore mode.


How to Download?
Downloading this addon is so easy as you don’t need to do anything than to just download the addon from the link below, you have to wait for the download link as it takes time to prepare the best available download link for you.

You have to wait 30 seconds.