How to get Java capes in MCPE – Pocket Edition

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Get Capes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with Java animations

Ever wondered, how you can use Minecraft Java Edition Capes in your Bedrock Edition even in your Pocket edition? It’s now easy and here I bring a lot of Java Edition capes for mcpe which even have the animation too, where cape moves according to your movement.
There are so many capes out on the internet which you can use and play with in your game but it takes time to find the your favorite cape for your game, so now you don’t have to waste your time in finding the capes for the game, the mcpack given below has 50+ of capes for you which all work with the latest version of the game.

Now just have a look at some of the capes from the pack.

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2 / 10

3 / 10

4 / 10

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6 / 10

7 / 10

8 / 10

9 / 10

10 / 10


There are lot more capes in this pack you should check, to download the mcpack file you just need to wait for 30 seconds to prepare the link for you which then take you to the installation page and there your downloading will be started.


You have to wait here for 30 seconds to get the download link ready for you. If you have any issue or bug to report, feel free to let us know in Contact Us page, we’ll be happy to help you, and tell us what more capes should we add in this pack for future updates.
You have to wait 30 seconds.