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To play Minecraft with friends is not free in Minecraft, for that we have to buy the realm (an in-built server feature in the game) and those realms cost one month is not affordable for beginners.

There come the Minecraft servers which are not costly yet affordable and easy to setup. Here in this article, you’ll read the top Minecraft server hosting websites where you can easily host your Minecraft server in just a few minutes.

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

One of the best and my favorite server hosting websites is the Apex Server Hosting site, where everything is just at your fingertips and you can do the most complicated things in just one click.

So to run a Minecraft multiplayer server you will need shared hosting with a required hosting plan. So here comes the Apex dedicated server hosting for your Minecraft game with DDoS protection for your server, and a simple dashboard with an easy-to-understand control panel.

There are various hosting services for your server with unlimited storage in each plan, Apex really has a very big data center to carry that much IP address.

Extra Features:

One-Click Modpacks

Install and play the best mod packs with only the click of a button. You can also change versions as many times as you would like.

DDoS Protection

Our networks are fully secured and protected from small to large DDoS attacks to keep your server online with 24/7 uptime.

24/7 Servers & Support

The best customer service team in the industry featuring 24/7 live chat assistance from experienced server administrators for your always online server.

Ultra-Low Latency

Data centers around the world provide a nearby location for every customer and great ping for your players.

Instant Setup

Servers are automatically provisioned upon purchase and ready to play in seconds so you can start building today.

Free Subdomain

All orders include a free web address for your server making it easy to connect for all. [yourname]

Automated Backups

Offsite automatic backups guarantee your data will not be lost due to any bad configurations or hardware failures.

Powerful Panel

Control your game server with simplicity on our custom web-based Multicraft 2.0 panel from your mobile device or computer. 

And there are a lot more you can do if you buy a server from Apex Hosting and create any edition server like, you can create Minecraft bedrock edition server, you can create Minecraft java edition server

And in one click you can make any modpack server and some of the examples are-

Make RL Craft server in Minecraft Java Edition in just one click

Make Bedwars server for Java Edition in just one click

There are a lot more things you can do in seconds and can play with your friends and make a public server.


So if you are searching for any Server Hosting Site to host a Minecraft server, I will recommend you to go with Apex Hosting Service. And if you find any server hosting better than the Apex server hosting let us know in the comments below.