Rupee Coin Addon – MCPE/Bedrock

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This is the addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition which adds Indian currency coin in the game which you can use in the game to trade with your friends, and you can also have a collection of them. Basically the main purpose of this addon is to add a currency in the game.

This addon will work only in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as MCPE. To get this coin in the game, you can craft the coin with some gold nuggets and a iron ingot placed in the crafting table in the pattern given below.

This is a big enchanted coin which actually looks too big in your hand, and this coin also has a big  (Rupees Sign) on it. I’ll try to fix the blurry texture of this coin in future updates but for now, it is like a coin we can still trade by this coin with our friends.
You can only stack 10 coins in one inventory slot, so as to keep the economy balanced this feature is added. Now look at the image below that how these coins look in the inventory.

How to Download?


To download this addon, you have to wait for some seconds to prepare malware free download link for you, this scans your file and then it’ll give you the safest link that will take you to the download page, where the installation process is written.

Generating downloading link in 30 seconds.