Scarier Monsters MCPE Modpack – download

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Monsters in Minecraft are not actually like monsters that is why I made this Resource Pack. This will change the looks, uniform, (not behavior) of some of the most common mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, and Witches and make them scarier than before.


Currently not all the mobs are changed but I will try to give a new look to all the mobs present in the game. Also, there is one more thing as the skin of mobs are changed hence their perspective heads/skulls are also changed in the game.



Let’s have an individual look at all these mobs and their skulls present in the game.

















More mobs will be coming soon in new updates. And that is it guys, the download link is given below, which will take you to the downloading page and you can download from there.

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(Download Link is now fixed)