How to install fabric in Minecraft – Fabric Modes

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Minecraft is a survival game with lots of features in it, there are already so many new and strange things to do in Minecraft where you can build whatever you want, you can play however you want and even you can make new friends too.

Fabric Mod Installer


But not only these things make the Minecraft so much interesting to play, there are thousands of modes available on the web which can totally change your game according to your wish, you can even make your own type of game inside the Minecraft. In this article you’ll read how to install mods in your Minecraft and how to apply mods in it.

Fabric – A mod installer for Minecraft

What is fabric? You must have heard this word in Minecraft before. Fabric is an experimental modding toolchain for Minecraft, which is used to install or add mods to your game.

How to install Fabric Mod to your Minecraft Launcher?

Installation of Fabric is so easy, I’ll thoroughly explain you the way to install fabric to your game, just follow the steps given below, this is so simple.


    Step1-   Download the latest version of Java from this link – Download Java

    Step2-   Install the Java in your PC, It’ll take time to install completely, so just be patient and let it install.


    Step3-   Once you installed Java in your PC, the next step is to install the fabric installer in your pc. There are two ways to install the Fabric installer one is from an executable file and another one is from JAR file. (I’ll recommend you to download the executable file for installation) You can download Fabric installer from here – Download Fabric Installer


    Step4-   Now the Fabric has installed in your PC, all you have to do is now download mods and add them in your game.



    Step5-   Download the Fabric API latest version a JAR file from this link here – Download Fabric API


    Step6-   Now you have the Fabric API jar file with you, you just need to copy the jar file and paste it in your Minecraft data directory in mods folder.



            How to open Minecraft directory?

    • Press Win+R
    • Type %appdata%
    • Go to .minecraft folder

Follow the above steps as mentioned, and you will be able to add mods to your Minecraft. If you still find it difficult to install just leave a comment below, I’ll try to help you as soon as possible.