Voxel Map – Minecraft Mod for 1.19 | Download

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Voxel Map for Minecraft 1.17 (Latest Version) available for download

Voxel map is a very useful survival friendly mod for your Minecraft world as it helps you to explore the world and remember the paths easily, there is a lot of new things to add like you can highlight a particular part in your map that will navigate you to the destination.

You can also create waypoints to remember the discovered location in your map also there is a very interesting GPS radar feature which is totally customisable and you can choose a particular thing to appear in your map.

You can see the official page for this mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/voxelmap

It shows the coordinates on the top of your screen which is so helpful for you to remember the cordinates without opening the F3 menu.

It also marks your last death location in your map to locate easily.

And there are so many more features in this map mod, which you can use and enjoy in Minecraft worlds and servers too.

This map only works with fabric installed in your launcher.

To download this mod you have to wait for 30 seconds to prepare the download link for you, once the link is ready it will take you to the installation page.

How to install fabric Mod Installer in Minecraft

You have to wait 30 seconds.