“2b2t” The worst server of Minecraft in the History

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What is 2b2t in Minecraft?  2b2t (2builders2tools) is a Minecraft server that started in December 2010, which is also known as the oldest Minecraft server in the history of running Minecraft servers of any variety.

This server is always on hard difficulty and this server has never been reset since it was created, the creators of this server are anonymous and don’t give any importance to it. Hacking and Griefing are common in this server with no risk of getting banned. 
2b2t Minecraft Server was founded in December 2010. Founders are anonymous, choose to remain anonymous, or are known only through usernames; The most prominent founder, commonly referred to as the “housemaster” or “housemaster”, was described by Newsweek’s Roisin Kibbard as “both a praise and troll of a semi-mythical figure”. After being asked via email by deputy journalist Andrew Paul in 2015, the server operator said.

– 2b2t culture

The culture of 2b2t, as well as Minecraft chaos servers in general, is obsolete and nihilistic. Players typically need to hide and be armed with supplies to survive and can expect to be killed at times. This is compounded by the server setting the difficulty to “hard” and enabling player versus player combat, which makes survival quite difficult. Longtime players are often hostile to new players on the server, whom they often refer to as “newfags”. Server-wide chats often include spam, trolling, and garbage-talk, as well as racial slurs, death threats, and Nazi propaganda. Links to pornographic material and screaming videos are also common. Players lie to others with the intention of sending them to in-game locations with traps. A general rule among players is not to trust others.

Thus, this server is popular by the phrase “The worst server of Minecraft in the history

– Renders of the world
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