Easy ways to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

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Diamonds are the precious material in any Minecraft world. Almost all the survival multiplayer servers take diamonds as the currency of their server, they deal in diamonds, they barter in diamonds, and even sometimes wandering traders bring some trades which require diamonds.

There are many ways to get diamonds in your survival world or server and the initial way to get diamonds is from mining, the best possible way to get the diamonds is obviously from mining, but there are some other ways too where you can directly get the diamonds or diamonds tools and diamond weapons.


In this article, you’ll read all the possible ways to get diamonds in your minecraft survival world or server. And some of them are the fastest way to get diamonds in minecraft.

1. Mining (diamonds cave)

Mining is the fastest way to get the diamonds in minecraft but it takes too much time to find diamonds from mining but there is a small chance to get a diamond vein in any cave. You can find this diamond vein in the Y level of 15. This can give you maximum 20+ diamonds at a time and if you have fortune III with you then the chances of getting more diamonds will increase upto 64 or 1 stack of diamonds.

2. Nether Fortress (Loot Chest)

nether fortress minecraft

Getting loot from Nether Fortress also gives you diamonds sometimes. When you go to the nether and finds a nether fortress there are some chances of getting diamonds from the looted chest. You can get maximum 4-5 chests from 1 nether fortress if you explore it.

3. End City (Loot Chests)

Exploring End City is the best way to get diamonds and diamond tools, Ever explored any end city ? because if you’ve explored any end city you may know the quantity of getting diamonds from the loot chests is massive.
Also, if you grab the end ship, you’ll get the elytra with a Diamond Pickaxe with Unbreaking and Mending and more diamond tools.

4. Bastion Loot

In Minecraft’s nether update 1.16 they introduced a new massive structure called Bastion, there is Piglin Brute protecting the treasure in the Bastion which contains so many precious items and diamonds too, which when you go for loot, you’ll get so many diamonds from a Bastion.

5. Shipwreck Loot

Shipwreck is well known to get the treasure map to get the Heart of the sea, but do you know, that you can also get some diamonds from the shipwreck loot as there is a small chance of getting diamonds from Shipwreck and after getting the treasure map, go to treasure and if you’re lucky, you can also get some diamonds in buried treasure chest.

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