Largest Minecraft Marketplace MCPEDL

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MCPEDL is one of the largest downable content website for Minecraft Bedrock Edition which also works for Minecraft Pocket Edition, the owner of this site is John, and there are two moderators who manage the site are Adamski and Hank.

This website is named MCPEDL because this website is for “mcpe” the Minecraft game for Pocket players and “DL” means the developers.

Any developer who make addons, resource packs, shaders, etc, can share there files or project with audience on this site for free.

You can also post your own packs to this site if you’ve made any.

The user interface is so easy to understand here and it’s already a clean website with I guess no issues. Minecraft is a vast game, with a lot of new things to do and explore in it. But if the content from MCPEDL is imported to your game, it can change your whole experience of playing Minecraft.

This is why MCPEDL is also called the largest Minecraft marketplace for mcpe or Minecraft Bedrock Edition. If you’re a developer and make Minecraft content of your own, you can post your addons or any pack that you make on this site for free, just follow the steps below.

Step 1-  Register yourself by creating your account on their site Click here to register for free.

Step 2-  Go to create new and select your submission type, what type of thing you are uploading to their site. 

Step 3-  Type the Header, Title and Description of the file add Images too and upload the file.
Step 4-  After submitting the file, you have to wait for like 24 hrs. to get your file accepted by the admins to be posted.
Step 6-  You’re done, now share the MCPEDL link to everyone, and your addon or your any pack is posted on the largest minecraft marketplace.