Top 5 Addons for Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition/MCPE | Latest Mods

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Addons and Mods are the game-changing things in Minecraft, which can totally change your experience of playing Minecraft.

Mojang just released their new version of Minecraft as a stable update with lots of new things in it. And with these add-ons, you can enhance the complete way of playing Minecraft, In this article, you will see the top 5 addons and mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition which also works in Pocket Edition.

5.  F.O.V Changer (Windows 10 only)

This is a Mod Software for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, which allows you to use the Optifine Zoom feature in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, this feature is already available in Optifine for Minecraft Java Edition.


4.  Connected Glass in Bedrock/PE

Connected Glass is a feature of Optifine only available in Minecraft Java Edition but now bedrock developers have made it for Bedrock Edition which also works in Minecraft Pocket Edition, You can craft the connected glass from the regular glass from the crafting table or your handcrafting, It also works with stained glass.


3.  Phone Addon in Bedrock/PE

Now craft your personal mobile phone in Minecraft and Name it yours, there are lots of mobile phones added to this addon, which can be useful in any way like if you’re playing in an SMP, you can use them for a storyline, these phones do not replace any existing item, these are added as new entities in the game.


2.  Mob Hider for Bedrock/PE

Now play as a mob in Minecraft, you can play like a zombie’s life, a villager’s life, an iron golem’s life and all the mobs present in the game can be played by you, their life.


1.  Wearable Mob Heads for Bedrock/PE

Mob Heads addon is also a Java Edition based addon that can be obtained by killing the respective mob or animal, these heads are also wearable and placeable, Almost every mob drops its head when killed by Looting enchanted sword, don’t forget to turn the experimental game on before applying this addon to your world/server.

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