‘Apex Legends Mobile’ for Android is here to download

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The game Apex Legends Mobile has been in talk since the news of its portable version came out. The gamers have got a new game to try on their phone. Here is all you need to know about the Apex Legend Mobile game, new agents, new weapons, etc.

Apex Legends Mobile is a trendy PC-based Battle Royal Shooting Multiplayer game available to download on Android and iOS. Launched in May 2022. Gamers who have already registered the game for beta testing got the game earlier for beta testing. The pre-registered user will also receive the in-game reward which comprises the Bloodhound banner frame, the Bloodhound banner pose, the Founder’s badge, an R99 Epic skin, and more.

How to get Apex Legends Mobile and what are the system requirements?

Well, the game is already publically released on the google play store and apple store. You can hit here or go to the google play store to download the game and for iPhone users click here or go to the apple store and search Apex Legends Mobile and hit download. The game is also available on their main website. You can find the link below.

And if we talk about the system requirements and device compatibility to run this game on your phone, well it’s actually a demanding game so the device needs to be pretty solid or a high-end device to play this game smoothly.

Apex Legends Mobile supports devices with at least 3GB RAM, 4GB Storage, and a processor equivalent to Snapdragon 435 and for iPhone users, it supports a minimum of an A9 chip to run the game perfectly.

The game is similar to the other Battle Royal games like PUBG. It has an Arena map and teams are deployed to the battleground to fight against other teams, the last team standing is the winner team. But there is something unique in this game that’s not available in other similar games and that is it has so many agents with different abilities having each one of them.

There are currently a total of 21 Apex Legends characters to choose from, including the new Apex Legends characters. Want to know more about each agent go to pockettactics.com. A new agent is hoping to be added to the game with every new season. If you are actually finding the link to download the game to your device, click the below button to visit the official website.

apex legends mobile gameplay
Apex Legends Mobile gameplay

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The Apex Legends Mobile is easy to play on the phone as all the controls are customizable. The player can set the buttons according to his preference. The long-awaited game is finally available to download. download now and enjoy playing the new game with your friends.