All new YT Client v8 for Minecraft 1.19

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What is a YT Client?

YT Client is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition resource pack mod that carries multiple mods in it. A client is used to getting the best possible game experience while playing. It reduces the game lag, improves the graphics, and provides a seamless gaming experience.

yt client minecraft 1.19
YT Client v8

What is new in YT Client version 8?

Well, if we compare this version of YT Client with the old versions, a new version always brings new features with it, so it has got many more features in the newer version than in the older versions. All the new and old existing features are listed below. Let’s have a look at them all.

yt client 1.19

Minecraft recently released its new version 1.19.0. “The Wild Update”. Here is the home screen of Minecraft bedrock edition with YT client version 8 activated in global resources. The Wild Update adds many new things and features to the game which are worth needing in the game.

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1. Dark Mode in Minecraft -client side

yt client 1.19

Dark Mode is very common these days in all the apps and games, yet there is no dark mode available in the game by default. No worries YT Client has its own interface in dark mode (which is not optional). It darkens the core menu in the game.

2. Directional Hoppers -client side

yt client 1.19

Hoppers are the easiest way to sort the items in the game. But when it’s about to fix something in a messy Redstone circuit, it’s really hard to find the perfect hopper in the circuit. That is why the Directional Hoppers are useful and added to this pack.

3. Lower and rounded Shield -client side

yt client 1.19

Shields are very useful in the game. But it covers the playable area of the screen which doesn’t look good and irritates sometimes as well. But here we got a rounded and lower shield that looks cool and covers the minimum area of the screen.

4. View Villagers Locked Trades -client side

yt client 1.19

It takes much more time to get all the triads of a villager, therefore sometimes it doesn’t give us what we expect from it, but it’s not forever. Here we get something for you that you’re gonna love and admire at the same time. This is a Mode that allows us to view the locked trades of a villager. It can help us to decide if we want to keep that villager or if we need a new villager for the last trade.

5. HD Paintings -client side

yt client 1.19

Paintings are a good way to decorate a home but at the same time, the painting should look good. Minecraft does not give us quality paintings so that we can use them in our builds. But Yesss Sirrr… we got it for you and we brought a new high definition paintings mode in YT client version 8 which can enhance the quality of your builds.

6. New Dragon Model (inspired by Java Dragon mod) -client-side

yt client 1.19

A dragon is a dragon until it is as scary as hell. In YT client version 8 we have changed the dragon model and made it a little scary. It is going to be a fair fight in the end now dragon looks like an actual dragon.

More in YT Client for Minecraft 1.19

  • Dark Mode
  • New Rounded Crosshair*
  • 3D Sun & Moon and Realistic Sky*
  • Numbered Hotbar
  • Removed White Touch Circle
  • No Particles*
  • Plain Leather Armor
  • Directional Hoppers
  • Clean Redstone Dust
  • Unobtrusive Scaffolding
  • Lower and Rounded Shield*
  • Borderless Glass
  • Borderless Tinted Glass*
  • Better Doors and Trapdoors*
  • Quick Crafting
  • Quite Villagers and Portal*
  • Better Snow texture*
  • RGB Enchantment Glint*
  • New armor helmet
  • New Dragon Elytra*
  • View locked Trade enabled*
  • HD Paintings*
  • Short swords*
  • Enchantment Text colors
  • Clearer Rain
  • New Ender Dragon model*
  • Heart Bar (optional in sub packs)
  • Invisible Item Frame (optional in sub packs)*
  • No Buttons (optional in sub packs)
  • Sub pack to enable buttons

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How to download YT Client v8?

You are just a step away to download your new Minecraft YT Client to your system. The download link, given below will take you to the page, where the file will scan itself to check if it is virus-free, and then it will safely install in your system on its own.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

If you want to download the previous version of the YT Client (version 7), click on the link here – Download YT Client version 7

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