This guy made a Real Computer in Minecraft.

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Real computer in Minecraft, that’s how we play Minecraft, and we do Redstone work in Minecraft, but there are people who take it too far, a guy you’re familiar with has not just made the computer in Minecraft, he plays Minecraft in it, It seems a bit confusing, although it’s a fun and a lot of hard work in making. This guy literally plays Minecraft in Minecraft.

Well, Minecraft has a story to complete, in the end, the player needs to kill the “Ender Dragon” to finish the game, and then it’s up to the player what and how he plays Minecraft after that. And this guy did something we never even think of, he made a real computer in Minecraft.

playing Minecraft in Minecraft UTK

Specifications required to play a real Minecraft on a real computer are as follow:

  • Intel i3-3.2 GHz / AMD A8-3.1 GHz or better (Processor)
  • 4 GB RAM (Memory)
  • Intel HD Graphics or Processor Integrated Graphics | (RTX Series is required to play with RTX ON)
  • A Network or Broadband is required to download the game, also to play multiplayer.
  • A minimum of 2GB storage is required.

The PC that this guy has made has specifications as follows:

  • Processor (CPU): CHUNGUS2 1.0Hz
  • Memory (RAM): 256 B
  • Graphics (GPU): None
  • Network: None (if made on a singleplayer world)
  • Storage: 1 KB ROM

From ‘Computer in Minecraft’ to ‘Minecraft in Minecraft’, It takes about a massive amount of Redstone experience to build something like this. The creator Sammyuri with his friends started this project in 2021. It took them a year to complete the project, additionally yet he is adding more to it. We as normal Minecraft players can never think like playing Minecraft in Minecraft. Technically, it’s a Minecraft virtual computer inside of Minecraft, that we can actually play on Minecraft servers too.

You can also try this in your Minecraft, there is a Minecraft to download for you so that you can also have an idea of the Redstone circuit of this massive build. In conclusion, I’d say that Minecraft after its completion is not the end when we have so much to build and think about. You can download the world from the link given below, and I’d suggest you open this world on a dedicated server if you have a low-end-pc, because it can actually affect your GPU directly.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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