Which is the smallest mob in Minecraft?

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Minecraft has the largest mob “The Ender Dragon” which is a hostile mob, but do you know the smallest mob in Minecraft? Well, Minecraft without mobs is nothing to have fun in play, mobs make the game exciting and challenging depending on the nature of the mob. There are basically two types of mobs “Hostile Mobs” and “Passive Mobs”. Importantly, Hostile Mobs are dangerous mobs that harm us and try to kill us, whereas Passive Mobs could be animals that are easy to fight.

In this article, I’ll be telling you about the smallest mob in Minecraft in the latest version of Minecraft 1.19. It’s time to find out questions like, who is the smallest mob in Minecraft or what is the smallest mob in Minecraft? Let’s see the list of the smallest mobs in the game.

No. 3- Endermite (Hostile Mob)

endermite utkgamer

Endermites are not so common in the game, you can spawn them by yourself even if you are in Survival mode, you will need ender pearls and you have to keep throwing ender pearls on the land (not in the air), there are 20% chances of spawning an Endermite. These are related to the Endermen, therefore they make sounds like Endermen.

No. 2- Baby Turtle (Passive Mob)

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Baby Turtles are extremely small in size if we talk about the Babies Turtle, Minecraft brought Turtle to the game in December 2017 in the Minecraft version of Minecraft 1.13. They can be bred with the ‘Sea grass’ and keep them near a river, lake, or ocean bank. They lay eggs and once the eggs start hatching, a baby turtle comes out of it. These are the cutest too. These are Passive mobs, they don’t attack players.

No. 1- Tadpole (Passive Mobs)

Tadpole is the smallest mob in Minecraft, Minecraft announced them in the latest Minecraft update Minecraft 1.19. They are tiny small mobs with the size of 0.08 blocks of Minecraft. They are like Turtles, need water to grow themselves into a frog. Slimeballs are their favorite, so if you hold a slime ball in your hand, they are most likely to follow you.

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